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"I began building guitars in a small workshop in 1979.

I have always strived to produce instruments of superior playability and tonal quality.
With the help of my small team, I think we have achieved this.
I hope you agree."


Jimmy Moon


We’re on the move and are heading back to Arran on 5th July. 

Jimmy will have a small workshop there and will carry on making – albeit to a lesser degree. It will take some time to get the new workshop up and running - but keep an eye out here - we'll keep you updated! Our email remains the same - and our new phone number is below.

Stephen Devine - our long time employee is carrying on here and will focus on structural repairs and refinishing.  He will have the same phone number (0141 632 9526) and his email is

Thank you for all your past business!


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

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