Just finished.....Ziricote Dreadnought!

Posted by jmoon on February 5, 2015

....the new Z-DH.  Ziricote back and sides with 'Sinker' wood soundboard.


Cordia dodecandra

Zircote (sometimes Ziricote) is a non-threatened exotic timber found in North and South America. It is very striking in appearance, similar to Brazilian Rosewood, but in shades of greys and olive greens with black, rather than reds with black. It is heavier than most Rosewoods, more like Ebony, and the high density of the timber allows for fantastic tonal balance and volume.

                                                        Sitka Spruce – ‘Sinker’

This is old growth wood (60 years +)  reclaimed from Alaskan lake - and were harvested logs that sank as they were floating down river over 60 years. The wood looks old, like on a pre-war guitar and is a colour that resembles a blonde red cedar.   It`s hard, it shines and is as stiff as glass.